IRANIAN FUZZY SYSTEMS SOCIETY- Pioneers of fuzzy systems
professor ValiAllah Tahani

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  professor ValiAllah Tahani

  Late professor ValiAllah Tahani, was born to a close-knit and religious family in 1943 in ShahReza. He received his primary and high school education there and 1963 he came first in entrance exam of the petroleum faculty of Abadan university and got a seat there. After the graduation, he managed to win a scholarship from oil industry and went to USA to continue his education.

  In 1972 he finished his PhD in control fuzzy in electrical engineering and computer science faculty of California university in Berkeley, under the supervision of professor Zadeh, founder of fuzzy system and a distinguished figure in electrical engineering in the world. After returning to Iran, from 1972 to 1982, as an associate and assistant professor, he taught fuzzy control at petroleum faculty of Abadan university. since 1983 as an assistant and full professor he closely cooperated with both students and other colleagues in the faculty of electrical and computer engineering of industrial university of Isfahan. During his service at Isfahan university professor Tahani had the honor to initiate engineering control course in bachelor master and PhD levels.

  He researched in a broad area and had hundred of papers and plans. Just to name the most noteworthy of his works, we can mention his PhD dissertation, two valuable essays in 1976 and 1977 and being the advisor for many bachelor master and PhD students. Professor Zadeh in a preface mentions that professor Tahani’s PhD dissertation is one of the very first researches done on language variables, fuzzy relation and approximate deduction. One can say with certainty that professor Tahani is the first Iranian scientist who took giant steps towards the development of fuzzy system in Iran.

  According to Google Book, ISI and other references hundreds of scientifically valuable articles and books worldwide have directly referred to his name and research.

  He was an honor for Iranian scientific community and his decease in the summer of 2001 was the devastating debacle particularly for researches, professors and students alike, peace be upon him.


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